Facilities that Reflect our Philosophy


The children of our center teach us every day. The learning environment is said to be the third teacher, and we strive to provide the children with an environment that stimulates and encourages them to thrive and grow. They bring life and warmth to our spaces. They fill our rooms with laughter. Their ideas are fresh and inspired daily. We, reciprocally, love teaching the children, introducing them to fun, new ideas, and new experiences. 

Our facilities are flooded with natural light, and the spaces at Urban Sprouts are designed to feel warm, inviting, and cozy - like home. We offer colorful, richly-textured and vibrant spaces for children to play and think in. Spaces for learning are also spaces of reflection, spaces to build in, to share in, and to dream in. Woven baskets, wood furnishings, and loose parts create a welcoming and exciting environment. Framed photos of our kids and staff decorate every room. Urban Sprouts is truly a family, and our centers are meant to encourage safe, enthusiastic individual and group exploration.