Nourishing Bodies to Support Minds


Before you can feed a child's mind, it's important to fill his or her stomach! Infants and toddlers need food and drink throughout the day to support their emotional, social, and physical well-being. A child who is thirsty or hungry cannot interact successfully with other children or adults.

Breakfast and lunch are prepared from scratch every day using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The freshest fish, poultry, and produce available are served. Our honey and bakery items come from just down the street at Dr. Joyce's Honey Wellness LLC, where sliced bread, dinner rolls, and granola are made with whole grain flours and local honey from Altenburg, MO.

A dining experience like this does not just feed the senses. Family-style meals are the perfect opportunity to develop appropriate table manners, meal etiquette, and social skills. Children also begin to learn food preferences and dietary habits that will help them live a healthy lifestyle well beyond their early childhood years.

We follow the Missouri Eat Smart Guidelines for Child Care and provide variety for your child by rotating our menus every 5 weeks, as shown below.


Five Week Rotating Menus

Week 1    Week 2    Week 3    Week 4    Week 5