Mission, Vision, Values

What We Stand For




We envision a community where the ideas of children matter, a society where education is a right, and a world the image of each child is valued.



Urban Sprouts is a joyful, encouraging, and diverse educational community that honors and empowers every aspect of children’s learning.  Our goal is to support each child in her or his development as a socially capable, creative, and inspired citizen.



Trust and Empathy

Respectful and trusting relationships between our educators, families, and extended community contribute to a collaborative and supporting environment where children's best interests are considered by all.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Children of all identities, competencies, and knowledge have the right to be their truly authentic selves.  Our diversity enriches all of us when we value the differences and similarities that exist in children, families, educators, and the community.


Curiosity and Investigation

We aspire to provoke curiosity and wonder in children as we guide and facilitate their investigation of the surrounding world.



Our continual, documented observations of children's individual interests contribute to an inspired collection of learning opportunities for our entire educational community. 



The full participation of children, educators, and family members in our early educational experience ensures the building of confidence in each child while continuing on her or his own journey of learning.



If children are ready for today, they will be ready for tomorrow.