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Jenyne Woodruff

My name is Ms. Jenyne M. Woodruff. I have been the Educational Specialist for the two year old class, The Butterflies, since November 2011. This field has captured my attention now for over 30 years and I have worked in Accredited centers state wide. I absolutely love teaching children of all ages. It brings me so much joy to impart academic keys of life in natural environment settings. Seeing that spark of growth begin to manifest, according to each child's individual style of learning, is very rewarding. My personal interest is taking care of my family; writing short stories for children; reading cutting edge information on education; mentoring young single mothers, and teenagers.





Audrey Thompson

Hello my name is Audrey Thompson. I am the Nutritionist Specialist at Urban Sprouts Child Development Center. I have been employed at Urban Sprouts for since March 2013. I enjoy providing the children with healthy meals and receiving all the love and hugs they greet me with each and every day. In my free time, I enjoy going to baseball games, movies, shopping, and being an available source to others who need a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on.






Alexus Smith

Hi, my name is Alexus Smith. I am a part of the dynamic Cardinal Nation duo. I have been working at Urban Sprouts Child Development Center since 2012. I enjoy watching the children grow and being able to interact with them. It brings me happiness to see children create and develop as they allow their imaginations to run wild with creativity. My favorite color is Pink; I enjoy spending time with my family, decorating, dancing and movies.






Jill Hilton

Hello my name is Jill Hilton. I am the other half of the Cardinal Nation dynamic duo. I have been employed with Urban Sprouts Child Development Center since July 2013. I have completed my Certificate of Proficiency in Early Care and Education and graduated completing my Associates in Applied Science in Early Care and Education in the spring of May 2012. I recently graduated with my Bachelors in Applied Science in Early Care and Education in Spring 2015. I enjoy working with children and experiencing life through their eyes. I believe that children are the window to helping us appreciate the world around us in all its beauty. I enjoy traveling and socializing with family. My favorite past times are DIY activities, shopping for home décor, cooking new dishes, and watching British Television.






Hello, my name is Yolanda Johnson and I'm one of the teachers in the Dragonflies classroom at our Olive location. I've been with Urban Sprouts since April of 2013. I've always enjoyed being around children and after raising four children of my own I decided to look into early childhood education. I started taking classes at Florissant Valley Community College to earn a degree in early childhood. I currently hold a Certificate of Proficiency in Early Childhood Education and I'm taking classes towards earning my Associate Degree in 2014. I enjoy working with children, because it gives me the opportunity to teach as well as learn. I enjoy seeing the amazement and curiosity on a child's face and in their eyes as they discover, learn, and accomplish new and different tasks and milestones each day .When I'm not in the classroom I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren. I also enjoy reading mysteries and romance novels, walking and baking.


Shae Nelson

My name is Shae Nelson and I work in the Daisy room with the infants and toddlers at Urban Sprouts. I have been teaching at Urban Sprouts since 2011 and I have been in early childhood education for 10 years. I am currently working on my Associates in Early Childhood Education. The thing I like most about working with infants and toddlers is watching them learn and master new skills. My interests are baking, reading, Korean dramas, and movies.





Twuana Price

Hi, my name is Twuana Price and I'm a teacher at Urban Sprouts. I work with infants and toddlers in the Caterpillar Room. I've been working at Urban Sprouts since November of 2012. I earned my Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education from STLCC-Florissant Valley in 2012. I became a teacher because of the feeling that I get knowing that I've planted a positive lifelong seed inside of a young child. Knowing that seed will continue to grow with them for the rest of their lives gives me a feeling a joy. I love spending time with family, volunteering at church, and sightseeing at my favorite park.