Daisies and Caterpillars


Infants are born with a natural curiosity and a strong instinct to explore the world around them. Our curriculum provides infants and toddlers (up to 24 months) playful skill-building activities and experiences, in an inviting environment rich with textures and colors. We encourage the students in our Daisy and Caterpillar Rooms to explore with their senses — to touch, taste, and take in their bright and exciting new world. At Urban Sprouts, infants are also encouraged to discover and exercise their bodies: to crawl, pull up, stand and take their first steps in the safety and comfort of the Daisy and Caterpillar Rooms. Language and communication skills practiced at home are incorporated into the daily curriculum; students and caregivers communicate through signs, meaningful conversation, storytelling, song and finger play.

We have designed the Infant/Toddler program to coincide with and extend the core family dynamic so important at this age. We work hand-in-hand with our Daisy and Caterpillar families to provide your child with the wonderful experience of growing and learning among and with peers. The age range of the room allows younger children to learn from their older counterparts, and teaches young toddlers how to care for and nurture smaller babies. The peer dynamic of the Daisy and Caterpillar Rooms allow children to develop socially as well as physically, intellectually and emotionally. Each child in our care is assigned a primary caregiver who is responsible for ensuring that child receives nurturing, consistent, responsive care. To help develop and strengthen this connection, the teachers in the Daisy and Caterpillar Rooms work with parents to create a program of nutrition, play, and routine that will fit your child’s individual needs and that will help to nurture your child’s unique personality. While parents are encouraged to engage in a close, ongoing, and regular dialogue with teachers about their child, parents meet more formally with caregivers twice a year and check in for updates on their child’s progress as he or she meets each new milestone. Our staff in the Daisy and Caterpillar Rooms provide consistent care, allowing your child to connect with them more deeply and to build trusting and lasting relationships at this crucial point in their development.

The beautiful, bright Daisy and Caterpillar Rooms welcome your child into sunny and warm environments. Cribs provide safe sleeping for younger babies while cots provide a cozy nap-space for older kids. Colorful homemade decorations and natural light make a cheery space for your child to play. The soft play area includes sturdy rounded obstacles to encourage safe climbing and motor skills, and the walnut shelves hold glossy books, natural-fiber baskets, and toys of all shapes and sizes for our youngest students to enjoy. Bulletin boards update parents on Daisy Room news and change weekly, showcasing our latest special activities and play. Call us today to schedule a tour of the Daisy Room at University City or the Caterpillar Room at Olivette! We will welcome your child into our bright and beautiful space.