Parental Involvement

Get Involved at Urban Sprouts...and in Your Child's Education

Come to a Parent’s Meeting

Estimated volunteer time: 2 hours per quarter
Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meetings are held once a quarter and keep family partnership at the heart of our centers. These open, evening meetings allow parents to stay up-to-date about Urban Sprouts happenings and to get to know other parents. Teachers and administrators will be available to engage with parents. Dinner will be served to children and parents, and childcare will be available. All children are welcome, and all parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend!

Volunteer for a seasonal festival

Estimated volunteer time: 4 hours (per festival…help with one or help with all four!)
Each season brings its own joys and celebrations: the hearty foods of fall, the holiday spirit of winter, the rebirth of life in spring, the warm glow of the summer sun. Celebrating the seasons is an important part of our curriculum, and parents help us enjoy them together. Whether parents participate in the annual chili cook-off or help us plant flowers in the spring/produce holiday cards from children’s artwork, …?

Join the PAC!

Estimated volunteer time: 3 hours per month
For parents looking to get more involved in our community at large, join the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Meetings are held once a month and keep family partnership at the heart of our centers. These are planning meetings for events, special weeks and celebrations, and to determine how parents can become more effective partners with Urban Sprouts. Administrators will be to garner input into key decisions that impact our centers and children’s learning experiences. Childcare will be available during meetings.

Become a Classroom Ambassador

Estimated volunteer time: 5 hours per month
For parents looking to get more involved in your child’s classroom, become a Classroom Ambassador (CAs) and help coordinate communication and volunteer efforts between the school and family members of your child’s class. Classroom Ambassadors meet with teachers before the school year to understand their goals for the class and how parents can help, coordinate parent teaching opportunities, birthday celebrations, and more. Classroom Ambassadors also provide periodic input to the PAC.

Teach an Apprenticeship…or rather a Parenticeship!

Estimated volunteer time: 1 hour a week for 4 weeks, plus training and coordination time
Teach our older children what you know and love! Parenticeships provide our children with the opportunity to discover new ideas and activities and to learn skills from parents in our school community. Parents are encouraged to help children explore cultures, foods, traditions, hobbies, careers, and more. Parents who are interested in this opportunity will coordinate closely with the Classroom Ambassador and will engage in a brief training given by a teacher on how to work with children.

One-time Commitments

If a one-time opportunity is more within your reach, help with a field trip, a special week, or more. See examples below:

  • Infant (6 weeks to 24 months) walks
  • Toddler (24 to 36 months) activities
  • Pre-K (ages 3 and up) field trips
  • The Week Of the Young Child
  • Curriculum Night
  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Do we want to do anything else like Book Week???

Tell US what you’d like to do!

Plan a fundraiser. Host a play date. No one knows how you can best engage with your child and in the lives of others in our learning community better than you! Let us know how you’d like to help.