Partners in Learning

Teachers In and Out of the Center


We believe that children have the right and the ability to construct their own learning with the support and participation of teachers…in a broad sense of the word!

We have a number of community partners that allow children to make connections with the community in which they live. Local partners visit us on a weekly basis: St. Louis Academy of Dance teaches Music & Movement, local teachers introduce Spanish, Ready Readers share great books to us, and All Star Sports develop gross motor skills through physical activities…and fun!

Our partners broaden the experiences that your child has inside and outside the walls of Urban Sprouts. Children go for neighborhood walks to local parks, take part in visits to and from local libraries, and more. We also take field trips to the St. Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden, and other local places of interest. And in some cases, our partners take field trips to Urban Sprouts, such as the Magic House and Gateway Greening!